An Overview of US Car Accident Statistics

Despite our best efforts to increase roadway safety and reduce traffic injuries, car accidents remain an astonishingly common occurrence. Data from the US Census Bureau suggest that an average of 10.5 million car accidents occur annually on average. This amounts to an average of 20 crashes every single minute.

Statistical projections from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for traffic accident fatalities for 2011 show that approximately 32,310 people died in car accidents that year, or more than 88 people per day. However, this figure is down significantly from the year 2005, when 43,510 people were killed in traffic accidents.

car accident statsNevertheless, car accident fatalities are a major problem, as they are almost always entirely preventable and typically result from the carelessness of one or more of the individuals involved in the accident. For example, the year 2010 saw 32,885 traffic fatalities. Of these, 3,092 were the result of some form of distracted driving, such as using a cell phone. In other words, 9.4 percent of traffic fatalities in 2010 were caused by drivers simply not paying attention to the road.

When driving, it’s imperative to remember to follow the traffic laws, move in predictable ways, and always be defensive. This can help ensure that other drivers on the road know what your intentions are and reduces the chances that you’ll be in an wreck.


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