Tips On How To Avoid Truck Accidents

You should try to never get into an accident involving a truck, because you will always end up with the most damages. Just like you have to know how to avoid an accident when there’s a drunk driver on the road, you need to watch out for no-zones when you come close to an 18-wheeler on the highway.

No-zones are the blind spots of a vehicle, where a smaller car can disappear from the driver’s view. Because trucks are so big, their no-zones are also bigger. If you don’t want to get flicked to the side or squashed like a bug and need a personal injury lawyer, you need to know what the truck no-zones are and what to do to avoid truck accidents.

Sides are no-no no-zones

According to Williams Kherkher Law Firm, the the right-side blind spot is particularly dangerous, because when trucks turn, they turn wide and could mow you down. But both sides of a truck are no-zones because of the height of the driver’s cab. If you can’t see the driver in their side view mirror, chances are you’re in the very middle of the no-zone, so they won’t see you when they change lanes. Don’t stay there. Either speed up past them or fall back.

When they sit around the house…

Trucks, unlike cars, can’t see much of anything directly behind them. Their rear view mirrors are mounted much higher, so they can see a lot farther behind, but it is pretty useless for close work. Moreover, trucks usually have air brakes because of their size and weight, so if they stop suddenly and you’re too close, chances are you’ll end up crumpled against the rear bumper or under it.

Stop, Look, and…Stop

If you see a truck backing up, don’t try to shave a few seconds from your commute by scooting past them. The driver won’t see you, and you can end up in the hospital. Stop when you see a truck backing up and proceed when it is safely pointing the right way. Honk your horn if you need to get past them.

Pass smartly

If you need to overtake or cut in front of a truck, make sure that you can do so without forcing the driver to brake suddenly. If you cut in too soon and are going too slow, the truck might rear-end you even if the driver sees you’re too close. It takes longer for a truck to slow down or stop because it is both bigger and heavier. Make sure that you can see the front of the truck in your rear view mirror before pulling into the lane, and keep your speed up.

“Curb” your impatience

Because of the side and rear no-zones, a truck who is making a turn won’t see you if you try to scoot past it on the curb side. The most likely scenario is that your car will be made as an example for what can happen if you choose the risk your life and go head to head with a truck.


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