Car Accident Caused By A Drunk Driver

Learn more about Hull & ZimmermanWith over five million reported car accidents in the US every year, it would seem that no one is safe on the streets anymore. As long as there are people who are cognizant of the fact that they need to follow road traffic rules to keep themselves and other motorists and pedestrians safe, then the hope of reducing this number is very much possible.

As a way of making drivers and car owners aware of their duty on the road, laws on traffic safety are being implemented more strictly, while punishments to violators more stern. Road accidents are usually caused by someone’s indifference to the safety of others; it is this indifference that leads him or her to act carelessly or recklessly the moment he or she sits behind the wheel.

To protect the victim, the law stipulates that whoever suffers from personal injuries, injuries resulting from accidents, like car accidents, due to another person’s reckless behavior ought to be brought to justice and compensate the victim’s financial losses and sufferings.

A lawyer knows how a car accident can injure any person physically, mentally and emotionally. Once traumatized, it will be difficult for a victim to overcome the negative experience unless he or she gets the regular treatment which will help him or her recover from the pain. Treatment is costly though, and if the injury is severe, then the victim may also lose the opportunity to earn a living and provide for his or her family. This is the reason why under the law victims are favored to receive compensation from the guilty party.

There are many different factors that can lead to car accidents; one of these is drunk driving. In their serious effort to reduce road accidents due to drunk driving, different US states have already implemented much lower level of alcohol in drivers for them to have the right to drive. According to, violators who are caught are given more severe sentences, higher fines or imprisonment, along with the suspension or revocation of their license.

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  1. Thank you for writing about drunk driving cases. I’d love to see something about how to prevent these kind of situations from happening.

  2. Criminal defense is serious business and I am grateful that someone is writing about it.

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