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Can You File A Lawsuit For An Accident Due To Road Defects?

Yearout & Traylor, P.C.Most people take it for granted that roads will be safe to travel on, but that’s not always true. Even a small pothole can cause considerable damage if it’s on the highway where vehicles travel at high speeds. Road defects may include the following:

  • Flooding due drainage problems
  • Inadequate warning signs for construction zones
  • Large road debris
  • Missing or damaged guardrails
  • Missing road signs
  • Poorly-placed or malfunctioning street lights
  • Potholes
  • Shoulder drop-offs

The liability for these road defects may be the local government, a federal agency, government contractors, or a combination of these entities. If the road defect is due to the carelessness, corner-cutting, poor management, or negligence of the concerned party or parties, and the defect caused an auto accident that led to property damage, injury, or death, then a personal injury claim can be initiated so that accident victims can pursue the financial compensation they need to cover the losses resulting from their accident.

Those who are tasked with the design, construction and maintenance of the roads we all travel on are obliged to ensure that the safety of those who travel on them is assured. Any road defect should be promptly attended to or repaired to prevent even a single auto accident from occurring.

Taking legal action against a local or state municipality can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never been involved in a civil action before. However, it is important that the parties responsible for the negligence that led to a car accident are held accountable for their mistakes so that errors can be addressed and fixed and so that others do not have to suffer the same preventable injuries and other losses that you were forced to endure.

An Overview of US Car Accident Statistics

Despite our best efforts to increase roadway safety and reduce traffic injuries, car accidents remain an astonishingly common occurrence. Data from the US Census Bureau suggest that an average of 10.5 million car accidents occur annually on average. This amounts to an average of 20 crashes every single minute.

Statistical projections from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for traffic accident fatalities for 2011 show that approximately 32,310 people died in car accidents that year, or more than 88 people per day. However, this figure is down significantly from the year 2005, when 43,510 people were killed in traffic accidents.

car accident statsNevertheless, car accident fatalities are a major problem, as they are almost always entirely preventable and typically result from the carelessness of one or more of the individuals involved in the accident. For example, the year 2010 saw 32,885 traffic fatalities. Of these, 3,092 were the result of some form of distracted driving, such as using a cell phone. In other words, 9.4 percent of traffic fatalities in 2010 were caused by drivers simply not paying attention to the road.

When driving, it’s imperative to remember to follow the traffic laws, move in predictable ways, and always be defensive. This can help ensure that other drivers on the road know what your intentions are and reduces the chances that you’ll be in an wreck.


Car Insurance And Accidents

Insure On The SpotYou may not be aware of it, but owning and driving a car in America without car insurance can put you in trouble with the law. Car insurance is mandatory in almost every state. This not only protects you from legal action, but also financially in accidents that may occur where you need to foot the bill.

If you are wondering what car or auto insurances actually is, you can think of it as your financial defense should you be involved in a traffic incident or if your car gets damaged or stolen. Once you have an agreement with a car insurance company, you are required to regularly pay for your coverage, and in return, they will be the one to cover the cost of expenses incurred during and after an accident.

However, not all car insurance is the same, and there are many different policies that car owners can choose for protection. To help you better understand which policy will work best for you, here are some guidelines that you can use:

  1. Know your vehicle: Certain expensive cars may require more insurance, since they are susceptible to theft, and can be expensive to repair. Think about how much the repairs could cost you if you get into an accident, or if you are able to afford to buy a new one. Knowing the value of your car can help you in determining which policy is best for your needs.
  2. Be aware of your state laws: There are states that require certain policies for injuries and property damages. These “minimum liabilities” are generally a safety protection for the other people involve in the accident, not you. Although these are just minimum policies mandated by the law, it may be better to buy more than what is determined by the law so as to further protect your finances.
  3. How much money are you willing to spend: Consider this, for example; if you were in a car accident, would your insurance policy be enough to cover for the expenses for the people involved? If not, your personal assets may be in danger. Get a clear picture of how much you have; it is often better to have your insurance company handle all the expenses caused by the accident rather than you shouldering the bills with your own money.
  4. See the options that you have: Owning a car is different from leasing a car, and their insurance policies are also different. Knowing such information can save you from a lot of trouble, and can help you in getting the perfect plan for you.
  5. Do you have other insurance policies? : Double-check your other insurance policies – chances are some of them can be used to cover for possible expenses, or your provider may offer you a special rate for having multiple policies through their company.

Finding the right insurance policy for your needs doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking. If you go on the internet, there are a lot of online insurance companies that you can look into. Understanding which policy to choose and which one would benefit you most can be complicated. Even if you have a clean driving record, accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere, so it is always best to be prepared for any possibility.